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Award-Winning SimAUD Papers


  • SimAUD 2021 Best Paper:
    Raytraverse: Navigating the Lightfield to Enhance Climate-Based Daylight Modeling
    (Stephen Wasilewski, Lars O. Grobe, Roland Schregle, Jan Wienold, Marilyne Andersen)
    (ACM Link to be posted when available, until then use the the paper at the SimAUD website)
  • SimAUD 2021 Student Paper Award:
    Sustainability Certification Systems as Goals in a Generative Design System
    (Niko McGlashan, Curtis Ho, Simon Breslav, David Gerber, Azam Khan)
    (ACM Link to be posted when available, until then use the paper at the SimAUD website)


  • SimAUD 2020 Best Paper:
    Evaluating Temporal and Spatial Light Exposure Profiles for Typical Building Occupants
    (Megan Danell, Maria L. Amundadottir and Siobhan Rockcastle)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2020 Student Paper Award:
    An Algorithm for Efficient Urban Building Energy Modeling and Simulation
    (Orcun Koral Iseri and Ipek Gursel Dino)
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  • SimAUD 2019 Best Paper:
    Generating Acoustic Diffuser Arrays with Shape Grammars
    (Jonathan Dessi-Olive and Timothy Hsu)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2019 Short Paper Award:
    Including Occupant Behavior in Building Simulation: A Comparison of a Deterministic vs. a Stochastic Approach
    (Max Marschall, Farhang Tahmasebi and Jane Burry)
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  • SimAUD 2018 Best Paper:
    System Dynamics for Modeling Metabolism Mechanisms for Urban Planning
    (Reinhard Koenig, Martin Bielik, and Sven Schneider)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2018 Short Paper Award:
    Predicting Duration of Daylight Exposure for Caregivers Using Discrete Event Simulation and Climate-Based Daylight Modeling
    (Khatereh Hadi, Olivia Pewzer)


  • SimAUD 2017 Best Paper:
    Robot-Aided Fabrication of Interwoven Reinforced Concrete Structures
    (Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias, Pradeep Devadass, Angel Fernando Lara Moreira and Alican Sungur)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2017 Student Paper Award:
    Context-sensitive Personal Space for Dense Crowd Simulation
    (Omar Hesham and Gabriel Wainer)
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  • SimAUD 2016 Best Paper:
    Supporting Exploration of Design Alternatives using Multivariate Analysis Algorithms
    (Rusne Sileryte, Antonio D’Aquilio, Danilo Di Stefano, Ding Yang and Michela Turrin)
    (ACM Link to be posted when available)
  • SimAUD 2016 Student Paper Award:
    Air Flow Visualisation Towards the Design of Breathing Skins
    (Manuel Muehlbauer, Nancy Y. Cheng, Mehrnoush Latifi Khorasgani, Jesse McCarthy, Jane Burry)
    (ACM Link to be posted when available)


  • SimAUD 2015 Best Paper:
    Simulating Human Behavior in not-yet Built Environments by means of Event-based Narratives
    ***Recognized as the SpringSim 2015 Best Paper for M&S Practice***
    (Davide Schaumann, Yehuda E. Kalay, Seung Wan Hong and Davide Simeone)
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  • SimAUD 2015 Outstanding Paper:
    Multiobjective Optimization of Structure and Visual Qualities
    (Kirk Martini)
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  • SimAUD 2015 Outstanding Paper:
    Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms for the Minimisation of the Life Cycle Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Cost of the Refurbishment of a Residential Complex`s Envelope: A Case Study
    (Yair Schwartz, Rokia Raslan and Dejan Mumovic)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2015 Outstanding Paper:
    ComfortCover: A Novel Method for the Design of Outdoor Shades
    (Christopher Mackey, Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari and Panagiotis Samaras)
    ACM Link


  • SimAUD 2014 Best Paper:
    Prototyping Interactive Nonlinear Nano-to-Micro Scaled Material Properties and Effects at the Human Scale
    (Jenny Sabin, Andrew Lucia, Giffen Ott and Simin Wang)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2014 Outstanding Paper:
    A Freeform Surface Fabrication Method with 2D Cutting
    (Andres Sevtsuk and Raul Kalvo)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2014 Best Student Paper:
    Approximating Urban Wind Interference
    (Samuel Wilkinson, Gwyneth Bradbury and Sean Hanna)
    ACM Link


  • SimAUD 2013 Best Paper: Facade's Apertures Optimization: Integrating Cross Ventilation Performance Analysis In Fluid Dynamics Simulation
    (Chrysanthi (Sandy) Karagkouni, Ava Fatah gen Schieck, Martha Tsigkari and Angelos Chronis)
    ACM Link


  • SimAUD 2012 Best Paper: Dynamic Annual Metrics for Contrast in Daylit Architecture
    (Siobhan Rockcastle and Marilyne Andersen)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2012 Special Commendation: Automated Translation of Architectural Models for Energy Simulation
    (Kevin Pratt, Nathaniel Jones, Lars Schumann, David Bosworth and Andrew Heumann)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2012 Special Commendation: A visual - performative language of facade patterns for the Connected Sustainable Home
    (Sotirios D Kotsopoulos, Federico Casalegno, Guglielmo Carra, Wessley Graybill and Bob Hsiung)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2012 Special Commendation: Urban Network Analysis: A new toolbox for measuring city form in ArcGIS
    (Andres Sevtsuk and Michael Mekonnen)
    ACM Link


  • SimAUD 2011 Best Paper: Solar Zoning and Energy in Detached Residential Dwellings
    (Jeffrey Niemasz, Jon Sargent and Christoph Reinhart)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2011 Outstanding Paper: Generative Fluid Dynamics: Integration of Fast Fluid Dynamics and Genetic Algorithms for wind loading optimization of a free form surface
    (Angelos Chronis and Alasdair Turner)
    ACM Link


  • SimAUD 2010 Best Paper: Multi-Objective Optimization In Architectural Design
    (Ian Keough and David Benjamin)
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