A System for Tracking and Visualizing Social Interactions in a Collaborative Work Environment

(Mani Williams, Jane Burry, Asha Rao and Nathan Williams)

Tracking Data, 20.2 MB

Forensically Discovering Simulation Feedback Knowledge from a Campus Energy Information System

(Clayton Miller and Arno Schlueter)

Data available at (See Forensic Analysis of Campus Dataset)

210 King Street: A Dataset for Integrated Performance Assessment

This paper presents a Building Information Modeling (BIM) re-creation of a designated heritage building located in Toronto, Canada. By taking advantage of BIM as a centralized database, which describes both geometric and semantic aspects of a building, this model can be leveraged as a source of input for many forms of analysis. In addition to the BIM model, we present a comprehensive point cloud dataset gathered using terrestrial laser scanning technology. Based on an existing and living buliding, this model is an ideal candidate for simulations that can be cross referenced with information gathered on-site.

Version 2.0 was released Feb 7, 2012.
Version 1.0 was releast Apr 9, 2010.

BIM Datasets

Architecture Model - Version 2.0, Autodesk Revit Architecture (.RVT), 53.3 MB

Electrical Model - Version 2.0, Autodesk Revit MEP (.RVT), 12.5 MB

Mechanical Model - Version 2.0, Autodesk Revit MEP (.RVT), 18.9 MB

Architecture Model - Version 1.0, Autodesk Revit Architecture (.RVT), 48.1 MB

IFC Datasets

Merged IFC Model (Incl. all systems) - Version 2.0, IFC Format (.IFC), 30.3 MB

Point Cloud Dataset

Low-Res (357,650 points) - Version 2.0, ACSII XYZ (.XZY), 5.6 MB

Med-Res (1,281,609 points) - Version 2.0, ACSII XYZ (.XZY), 18.9 MB

High-Res (4,572,428 points) - Version 2.0, ACSII XYZ (.XZY), 61.9 MB

Navisworks Cache - Version 1.0, Autodesk Navisworks Cache (.NWC), 42.0 MB

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