Welcome to the SIMAUD 2021 Proceedings

Below you will find the full published papers of the 2021 SIMAUD conference. These papers are under the process of being hosted by the ACM digital library. You can cite these papers as:

[AUTHORS] "[TITLE]" Proceedings of the 12th Annual Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design. 2021.

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Stephen Wasilewski (HSLU and EPFL), Lars O. Grobe (HSLU), Ronald Schregle (HSLU), Jan Wienold (EPFL), Marilyne Andersen (EPFL) Raytraverse: Navigating the Lightfield to Enhance Climate-Based Daylight

Kyle I Nauman (University of Southern California), David J Gerber (USC), Manuel Benitez (USC) Sustainable Retrofit Design Framework Case Study for Multifamily Housing Structure

Gabriel Wurzer (tu wien), Lukas Dolesch (GSM Gmbh), Helmut Wippel (GSM Gmbh), Bernhard Guggenbichler (Krankenhaus St. Vinzenz Zams) SmartScale-A-Hospital

Mathew Schwartz (NJIT), Margarita Vinnikov (NJIT), John Federici (NJIT) Adding Visibility to Visibility Graphs: Weighting Visibility Analysis with Attenuation Coefficients

Christoph Waibel (ETH Zurich), Ran Zhang (Nanjing University), Thomas Wortmann (University of Stuttgart) Physics Meets Machine Learning: Coupling FFD with Regression Models for Wind Pressure Prediction on High-Rise Facades

Xun Zhang (Rutgers University), Mathew Schwartz (NJIT), Muhammad Usman (York University), Petros Faloutsos (York University), Mubbasir Kapadia (Rutgers University) Optimizing Indoor Navigation Policies For Spatial Distancing

Martin Gabriel (Technische Universität München), Jakob Fellner (Technische Universität München), Roland Reitberger (Technische Universität München) Voxel based method for real-time calculation of urban shading studies

Stanislava Fedorova (Politecnico di Milano) Generative Adversarial Networks for Urban Block Design