Sabine Rau-Oberhuber

Co Founder at Turntoo

Sabine Rau-Oberhuber is one of the early pioneers of the circular economy and Co-Founder of Turntoo, a Dutch service company focused on achieving a circular economy. She developed some of the first business models and circularity strategies and contributed to shaping the thinking around the circular economy transition.

Upali Nanda

HKS, University of Michigan

Lecture Title: Occupancy Outcomes

Dr. Upali Nanda is Principal and Director of Research for HKS, a global architectural firm. She also serves as the Executive Director for the non-profit Center for Advanced Design Research and Education and teaches as the Associate Professor of Practice at the Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning at University of Michigan.

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan is an Architect who is enhancing resilience and human potential through the design of the physical environment. Formerly, Dan was a founding member and Head of Design at the Google R+D Lab for the Built Environment. Dan is currently building out a new venture predicated on elevating human potential and advancing environmental resilience that leverages neuroscience, experimental building processes, systems and technologies.

Burcin Becerik-Gerber

USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Lecture Title: Human-Centered Approaches & Research for the Built Environment

Dr. Becerik-Gerber is a Dean’s Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Southern California. In her work, Burçin extensively uses machine learning and data science to improve design, construction and system intelligence of user-centered built environments.

Hao Li

Pinscreen, Inc

Lecture Title: AI-Generated Virtual Human

Hao Li is CEO and Co-Founder of Pinscreen, a startup that builds cutting edge AI-driven virtual avatar technologies. He is known for his seminal work in avatar creation, facial animation, hair digitization, dynamic shape processing, as well as his recent efforts in preventing the spread of malicious deep fakes.