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Award-Winning SimAUD Papers


  • SimAUD 2017 Best Paper: Robot-Aided Fabrication of Interwoven Reinforced Concrete Structures
    (Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias, Pradeep Devadass, Angel Fernando Lara Moreira and Alican Sungur)
    (ACM Link to be posted when available)
  • SimAUD 2017 Student Paper Award: Context-sensitive Personal Space for Dense Crowd Simulation
    (Omar Hesham and Gabriel Wainer)
    (ACM Link to be posted when available)


  • SimAUD 2016 Best Paper: Supporting Exploration of Design Alternatives using Multivariate Analysis Algorithms
    (Rusne Sileryte, Antonio D’Aquilio, Danilo Di Stefano, Ding Yang and Michela Turrin)
    (ACM Link to be posted when available)
  • SimAUD 2016 Student Paper Award: Air Flow Visualisation Towards the Design of Breathing Skins
    (Manuel Muehlbauer, Nancy Y. Cheng, Mehrnoush Latifi Khorasgani, Jesse McCarthy, Jane Burry)
    (ACM Link to be posted when available)


  • SimAUD 2015 Best Paper: Simulating Human Behavior in not-yet Built Environments by means of Event-based Narratives
    ***Recognized as the SpringSim 2015 Best Paper for M&S Practice***
    (Davide Schaumann, Yehuda E. Kalay, Seung Wan Hong and Davide Simeone)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2015 Outstanding Paper: Multiobjective Optimization of Structure and Visual Qualities
    (Kirk Martini)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2015 Outstanding Paper: Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms for the Minimisation of the Life Cycle Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Cost of the Refurbishment of a Residential Complex`s Envelope: A Case Study
    (Yair Schwartz, Rokia Raslan and Dejan Mumovic)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2015 Outstanding Paper: ComfortCover: A Novel Method for the Design of Outdoor Shades
    (Christopher Mackey, Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari and Panagiotis Samaras)
    ACM Link


  • SimAUD 2014 Best Paper: Prototyping Interactive Nonlinear Nano-to-Micro Scaled Material Properties and Effects at the Human Scale
    (Jenny Sabin, Andrew Lucia, Giffen Ott and Simin Wang)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2014 Outstanding Paper: A Freeform Surface Fabrication Method with 2D Cutting
    (Andres Sevtsuk and Raul Kalvo)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2014 Best Student Paper: Approximating Urban Wind Interference
    (Samuel Wilkinson, Gwyneth Bradbury and Sean Hanna)
    ACM Link


  • SimAUD 2013 Best Paper: Facade's Apertures Optimization: Integrating Cross Ventilation Performance Analysis In Fluid Dynamics Simulation
    (Chrysanthi (Sandy) Karagkouni, Ava Fatah gen Schieck, Martha Tsigkari and Angelos Chronis)
    ACM Link


  • SimAUD 2012 Best Paper: Dynamic Annual Metrics for Contrast in Daylit Architecture
    (Siobhan Rockcastle and Marilyne Andersen)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2012 Special Commendation: Automated Translation of Architectural Models for Energy Simulation
    (Kevin Pratt, Nathaniel Jones, Lars Schumann, David Bosworth and Andrew Heumann)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2012 Special Commendation: A visual - performative language of facade patterns for the Connected Sustainable Home
    (Sotirios D Kotsopoulos, Federico Casalegno, Guglielmo Carra, Wessley Graybill and Bob Hsiung)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2012 Special Commendation: Urban Network Analysis: A new toolbox for measuring city form in ArcGIS
    (Andres Sevtsuk and Michael Mekonnen)
    ACM Link


  • SimAUD 2011 Best Paper: Solar Zoning and Energy in Detached Residential Dwellings
    (Jeffrey Niemasz, Jon Sargent and Christoph Reinhart)
    ACM Link
  • SimAUD 2011 Outstanding Paper: Generative Fluid Dynamics: Integration of Fast Fluid Dynamics and Genetic Algorithms for wind loading optimization of a free form surface
    (Angelos Chronis and Alasdair Turner)
    ACM Link


  • SimAUD 2010 Best Paper: Multi-Objective Optimization In Architectural Design
    (Ian Keough and David Benjamin)
    ACM Link