About SimAUD

The Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD) offers a venue for architecture researchers and simulation researchers to come together to focus on this important area. Buildings are the largest consumers of energy responsible for 48% of all Green House Gas emissions and due to the complexity and multidisciplinary aspects of architecture design and construction, and urban design and society, modeling and simulation become valuable techniques to understand and optimize this enormous challenge. Scientists, engineers, managers, educators, and business professionals who develop or use simulation tools are invited to participate and present original papers.

The ultimate goal of the SimAUD Community is to build a collaborative simulation framework, in support of sustainability, where academia, government, and industry can participate and contribute. For this reason, we have set the SimAUD Symposium within the SpringSim Conference to engage directly with the DEVS research community. DEVS is a mathematical formalism defining simulation. As such, the DEVS community has already considered many aspects of simulation that will be helpful like parallelism, distributed simulation, hierarchical encapsulation, etc.

To develop a collaborative simulation framework, we would like to innovate in the research process itself. As part of the larger movement of the digitization of science, we would like to move beyond paper submissions toward software submissions. Peer review is still critical in maintaining a high-quality publication, but instead of paper previews, we would like to move toward code reviews. To bridge the current scientific process with a future model for scientific contribution, we have created new paper types. For example, the Data Set submission type can be submitted to be reviewed by peers who work with those types of data. But to provide the authors with an accredited publication that can be properly cited and archived in the ACM Digital Library, we accept an accompanying paper that outlines the history of the data set, its value to the community, and instructions on how to use it.

We call this initiative DesignDEVS: an open framework for collaborative simulation development for Architecture and Urban Design. At SimAUD 2012, we will begin a SimAUD DesignDEVS Subcommittee to help define, develop, and deliver this framework to the SimAUD Community, as well as to the broader research, development, and practice communities, over the coming years. Please contact us if you would like to participate in this multidisciplinary effort. Email Ramtin Attar at ramtin.attar at autodesk.com.

SimAUD was founded in 2009 by Azam Khan in collaboration with founding members: Gabriel Wainer and Ramtin Attar.